Prescribing Exercise

Posted on: February 27, 2013

When a doctor gives a prescription for a medication, the average individual knows that they can go to the pharmacist of their choice and get it filled.  Though your pharmacist can make sure that they give you the right medications and instructions for taking it they have very little control over whether or not you take them correctly or at all.  I found the following tool for Doctors and other health practitioners on the website for the Canadian Diabetes Association.

Who is going to fill this prescription?  You could join a gym or get some equipment for your home, but where is the proof that the patient is actually taking the medication as prescribed.  If someone came to my place with the above prescription filled out, I certainly help them fill it and provide verification that they got the prescription filled.  I could one up the pharmacist though by actually ensuring the medicine gets taken. I guess I have two questions. Are doctors filling out these prescriptions? Are patients getting these prescriptions filled? 

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