Love your Goat!

Posted on: February 27, 2013

Last spring I decided to adopt a goat.  Having cleared this with my wife, I went searching for a goat on kijiji. I soon found Tulip living a nearby sub division.  Even though Tulip had been living with this family for a year, she immediately began to follow me around.  Though she is friendly with everyone she has been my goat ever since.  At the beginning she would like to escape from her paddock.  The very first morning I looked all over for her and she was nowhere to be found.   Then I looked up and there she was at the roof peak of the house.  Her drive so strong to get back to me, she promptly jumped off the roof.  I cringed as she flew through the air, thinking to myself that this was to be it.  She crashed into the deck, stood up, and gingerly tapped her front hoof, deciding that there was no damage ran over to me.

I now fully understood why we use the word ‘goat’ to describe things we have trouble with in CrossFit.  Goats are tough, stubborn, have fierce drive to stick with you and you can’t help but love them.  Though the phrase ‘beat’ your goat is common in the CrossFit community.

Then something else happened, my members started walking up and visiting Tulip before and after their workouts.  With this came a noticeable decrease in the anxiety I observed my members.  It was almost as if just the mere site of Tulip prancing around outside made the daily WOD easier.  Well this should not really come as a surprise since goats have long been used to keep thoroughbred  race horses calm so why not also help keep our athletes at the top of their game.

Goats can also be used for therapy, and help in the healing process.

So on behalf of Tulip and the other great goats out there, let us not continue to ‘beat’ our goats but love them.

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