CrossFit "like high-school gym class for grown ups.

Posted on: April 29, 2012

CrossFit "like high-school gym class for grown ups.

This article gives a nice overview of some of the things we are trying to accomplish with our training programs. The article also points out a significant flaw in some coaching practices.

Post article by Matthew Wright

One thing I would like to add: the coach is also resposible to see that new athletes do not push themselves too far.  I have not had a single puker in over 4 years.  I like to have the accuracy-to-intensity conversation very early in a new athlete's career.  We at most want 20 percent failure to 80 percent accuracy, and puking is pretty much 100 percent failure.  In my opinion if a new person pukes, the coach has done something very wrong.  I do expect my athletes to push themselves hard, and they may feel tired, uncomfortable or occasionally close to tears, but I do not hurt people or make them sick.  CrossFit is about fitness and ultimately health and wellness. I have heard from more than one person, including my wife's doctor, that went to a CrossFit gym once, did the work out, and puked.  This may be what is happening at several affiliates, but this is not what CrossFit teaches, nor is it what I practice. I promise if come for a work out at Coach House CrossFit you won't puke on you first day!

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